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HP 701 Body Coffee Srim


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Healthy Shop Body Coffee Srim is different from other coffee as the beans are specially selected Arabica. It contains other extracts that enables fat to be converted into energy. Furthermore, improves facial skin, nail and hair.

Size 15g x 12 sachets

Product Description

  • Coffee reduces weight to more shapely appearance.
  • Not the same as ordinary coffee.
  • Beans are specially selected Arabica
  • Blended with soy-extract creamer, which is cholesterol –free.
  • Contains other extracts, converting fat into energy
  • Improves facial skin, nail and hair.


Directions: Mixes Instantly with hot water 120 cc.

Ingredients: Non-Dairy Creamer, Instant Arabica Coffee, Aspartame, Ginseng Extract, Collagen, Ganoderma, Chromium Chelate.

Barcode: 8850723712245

15g x 12 sachets


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